Unique and Unusual handmade Cigar Box Guitars

What's the Story with all theses "weird" Guitars, man?

I don't know but I can't stop making them.

How did I become a Cigar Box Guitar crafter? 

In the beginning, it just seemed like something interesting I could do with my Leatherman multi-purpose pocket knife and cordless drill. And truthfully, I  made a few guitars with only those two tools. But my obsession grew from one guitar to the next, improving on this or that and along the way turning some near fails into brilliant handmade saves. 

Now I can offer beautiful, great sounding Cigar Box and Tin Guitars for your enjoyment.

Cigar Box Guitar with sunset painted art.




I'd say


"So I went ahead and made me a guitar. I got me a cigar box, I cut me a round hole in the middle of it, take me a little piece of plank, nailed it onto that cigar box, and I got me some screen wire and I made me a bridge back there and raised it up high enough that it would sound inside that little box, and got me a tune out of it. I kept my tune and I played from then on."

— Lightnin' Hopkins 

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